- Leonardo De Felice


DJ and electronic music producer from Italy-San Severo, Leonardo de Felice is an ambitious character. The musical influences of the artist go through the concept minus, born in mid-2000s through the merger of various artists among them Richie Hawtin's Minus founder. It is precisely this management model that the artist `understands that his ambitions were not wrong, that is, it to cure a label, a movement, search for artists, manage the artists themselves and propose their own style Minus sound. Hence the 3Exit Group Recordings, a concept where it highlights the music and the artists who enter the family 3Exit creating the right synergy between them.The artists who have supported her sound are:ALEXI DELANO, CHRIST IAN VARELA, CHRIS ROCK, PACO OSUNA, Ornette Waite, Nick Garcia, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Miquel, Miguel Herrnandez, Michael J., Martin eWeek, Marcus J Pearson, Jozef Mihalik, GARE MAT K, Funkatron of. fm / house, Darius Aleksandar, Nut Mriz, CHRY 105.5 FM, Bobi Georgievski, Berny.