NEW YORK-based DJ Producer Augusto "Gustolabs" Araujo was born and raised in Lima, Perú, where he was exposed to a wide variety of eclectic music styles since a very early age.At age 20 he moved to Miami and instantly fell in love with its eclectic mix of cultures and sounds, which helped him develop a sensibility for sights and sounds.Five years ago Gusto packed his equipment and dreams and moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he started his own production company and began to collaborate with local talent and worked tirelessly on refining the sound he's now getting praised for. With brushes of Electro, Break Beat and Hip Hop, Gusto delivers a mix of Booty and UK Garage with a very melodic and progressive sound.A multi-instrumentalist, photographer, video artist, DJ and music producer, DJ Gusto is a one-man- package with endless possibilities, and his sound reflects just that.