- Buzzwak


Initial assessments have been confirmed: We are not alone in the Electronic Universe. The source of these signals has now been identified as the mysterious entity known as BUZZWAK. Sightings of these beings have begun to be reported by eyewitnesses all over the world. The powerful and precise sounds they emit contain powerful messages in melodic form, enhanced by carefully planned and visually stunning live performances, which are well-geared to reach the widest audiences with its impressive range of sounds from Dub-step, Drum n Bass, Glitch-hop, Electro, as well as unclassifiable original combinations of these styles and more. As of yet, the intentions of these intergalactic beings are not well known. Perhaps this is the first wave of an invasion that will take over the world's ears, minds and bodies in a frenzy of ecstatic dancing and non-stop partying. Further assessment is required, as the signals continue to multiply and the reported sightings of BUZZWAK increase. Whatever the result of these investigations may be, however, one thing is certain: BUZZWAK has arrived, and their sound will rock this planet to its very core.