- Dosis Mortal


"Dossis Mortal" is a group of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) consisting of ToR and the Eleven in the winter of 2008. After years of friendship, both producers and mc's, they decide to make music together and join forces. The idea came because of the good understanding between the members and admiration towards each other for their work. After this time it became an endless number of individual songs, looking for the sound itself that defines the group, until finally the foundations were established in February of 2010 they released their first job as a promotion of 6 songs entitled "PisandoFuerte ". Already in summer 2011, having grown up in letters, ideas and more energy, they released their second short-term project entitled "The Origin of Fear", this time, 5 cuts with another face entirely. March 2012, with fresh ideas fresh from Italy (travel for work) and with big productions and desire to do something that was a step beyond what they had done, began to materialize in the study "Strings". Currently the group is still active and are immersed in new projects and delivered 200% to music.