- Btx


BTX is a rapper, music producer, music video director, songwriter, composer, graphic designer, entrepreneur and founder of the independent label X-Stories Records.He released his first demo tape "Blood Prison" under X-Stories Records. High- quality, the demo tape by BTX appeared on 22 November 2016 in many online portals. Blood Prison is a bilingual, unique demo tape and was produced entirely by BTX. The album is characterized by the variability of the songs. It starts with a highly aggressive intro like "Livin 'In The Dark", continues smoothly with "Bitches, Bitches, Bitches" and ends intellectually with "Do not Stop Now". On Blood Prison are a total of 18 tracks, including remixes and bonus material.His second work "The X-Instrumentals" is a purely instrumental mini-album. The X-Instrumentals was also produced by BTX itself. It is the artist's first Extended Play (EP) and was released on April 20, 2017 in many online portals. There are 9 instrumental tracks on The X-Instrumentals. Including future appearances like "Blame It On Me", "My Luxury Life" or "7 Fists Stylez". The extended play is characterized by a variety of rhythms and creative melodies. There were no limits to creativity, such as "Invasion!" Or "Snake It".Although he was expelled from his homeland, he found at the low point of his life again the strength and the courage to continue to make music. Inspired by his fighting spirit he decided to produce and record his first demo tape under "cheap conditions". In his words: "Music is international! No matter where you send me, my words are heard! ".BTX controls the following instruments: Vocals, Drumset, Guitar, Keyboard, Sampler, Drum Machine, Synthesizer & Piano. He prefers to play the acoustic guitar. Above all, he likes to learn and play spanish sounding riffs with it.His future announcements are promising. From ghetto blaster (EP), self-directed and directed music videos, live performances, to his upcoming features.