- Dj Silverado


Every memory in our life is marked by a piece of music. Every time you listen to a song whilst experiencing a specific or special moment, that moment is tagged in your mind forever... This is the exact reason why Dj Silverado started to produce music. He lives to contribute to imprint our special memories vivid in our minds.Stefano Urbani a.k.a. Dj Silverado was born in Rome, Italy. He spent most of his life travelling, and his music is heavily influenced by his lifetime cultural experiences. Dj Silverado started to deal with music when he was very young as instrumentalist, playing flute, guitar and keyboards. After being a DJ, in 2014 Stefano started to produce his own music. Influenced by eastern Europe music and by all kinds of house music produced all over the world. Main genres from Dj Silverado are Deep House, Progressive House, House and Dance Music.