- DJ Deraven


Alan Delabie was born in 1974 in north of france. In 1999 the trance music changed his life, when he discovered artists such as Rank-1, Fire & Ice, Armin, Tiesto, M.I.K.E.Push. Alpha Breed.He started music production with computer and sequencer Cubase and also playing the keyboard synthesizer. At the end of 2002 Alan signed the first release at the famous Belgium label, Mackenzie Records, home of Marino Stephano, C.M., Mackenzie feat Jessy.DJ Deraven has been featured on Trancemaster 4006 and on La Bush CD, famous club in Belgium with the track Picture Of My Life. In 2005 he released his first CD album entitled Land Of Illusion, a pure emotional trance album.Now Alan produce trance with other alias such as Epic Journey, Space Station, Ngule, signed at digital label Btrance records and Time2trance label. And also collabs with the Norwegian producer Henning Berg aka Second Nature.In 2007 he met the Swedish producer, Thomas Petersen and the Dutch producer Alan Frijns. Together they arranged the track "Ebony Angel" that got signed to Spin That Records, the label owned by Megara vs. DJ Lee.