- Blackwax


Steve Reed AKA Blackwax (That’s me) has been DJing for over 20 years.From my early teens, much of this time has been spent working and running record shops which is how the name Blackwax came into being (Blackwax Records.) From an early age I was listening to and collecting a wide range of music, including soul, house, disco, hip-hop and more; I still incorporate many of these styles into my DJ sets and productions.As a producer I released tracks with artists and labels like Tone Control Music with Adeola Ranson, Pirahnahead with Deon Nathan, Poji Records with Una and Jazzloungerz with Asia Lynn.Varying my styles, I always try to evolve and keep the sound fresh and current whilst remaining influenced by my musical past.As a DJ I likes to mix it up as much as my productions, renowned for throwing the unexpected into the melting pot, I have had the pleasure of playing up and down the UK well as overseas including New York, Chicago, London, France, Spain and Thailand.