- BackForth


The young artist BackForth who put on the first time professionally in Berlin clubs at the age of 18 years works since that time incessantly on his beats, always in search of new sounds and challenges. On this occasion, he could prove his skill already on numerous events and in countless clubs. Appearances in the Baalsaal, Fundbureau, Docks, Waagenbau, M-bia, Prinzenbar and so on count beside a successful performance on various big events to his port folio. In the course of the last eight years, has itself BackForth actively as a professional artist engaged and steadily developed.BackForth appeals not only to a special group of music lovers, but offers club sounds for people of different age and more differently scenic origin.Any kind of "electronic" music is mixed and served to the dance-furious guests on the Turntables from today. The fact that these musical tidbits have her sympathizers, one clearly recognises by the increasing following.Robin Schluz , Nora en Pure, Lexer , Peer Kusiv , Bodega , Solee , Boss Axis , Nico Pusch , Davide von Jeudi Records , Jonas Woehl, Purple Disco Mashine, Kellerkind, HVOB and more.