- Audiotoxin


BreakBeat (sometimes BreakBeats or breaks) is a termused to describe a collection of sub-genres of electronicmusic, usually characterized by the use of a nonstraightened4/4 drum pattern (as opposed to the steadybeat of house or trance). T hese rhythms may becharacterized by their intensive use of syncopation andpoly-rhythms, which are prominent in all music of Africanorigin, including African American music although the actualinstruments used in BreakBeat music makes it more closelyrelated to Techno and other forms of electronic musicincluding "2 step"."I make loop based, urban inspired electronic dance music,preferably funky, with a broken beat, organic drums, andcross pollinated content. "Throughout the years Audiotoxin emerged as an audiomedia artist honing his skills in mixing, audio editing,production, mastering, live acts and turntablism.