- Tears Of Technology


Tears of Technology is an EDM musician/producer. Inspiredby such artists as Ford, Infiniti, Kyper, Robert Miles, andTony Faline, his style is a mixture of breakbeat and trance.With over a decade of experience in Neo Freestyle, he alsoproduces breakbeat-style genres such as eHop Electro, and(under the persona of “New Orleans’ Dan the Man”)progressive trance music. Tears believes that growing up inthe culture-rich environment of New Orleans, where music isthe main outlet for emotion, contributes to his unique sound.Since gaining recognition for his independent release of thealbum "The Soul Never Forgets”, Tears has appeared onseveral labels as a remixer, including Jive/Zomba, Island,XYZ , and Live Wire. He co-wrote songs for LondonExchange and produced the maxi single "Lady" by Jim DavisJr. for Casa Records He is also executive producer onseveral releases from his own label, 504 Productions.The Tears’ compositions are emotional tunes that comedirectly from his heart and soul. Songs such as "Get theFunk", "Empathy", and "Killing in My Name" get to the root ofwho he is as an EDM artist. His philosophy was inspired bymen such as John Lennon, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin: Atrue artist is more about expression than competition.