- Ark Patrol


Aloha. Meet Ark Patrol. 20 years old, from the island of Oahu, Hawaii. His sound best described as ‘warm and harmonious beats, riddled with 8-bit snippets and lush vocal shots”, one can immediately hear his classical influence - and inspiration from one of his biggest passions; video games. He calls it Soultronica, the new style he’s pioneering. Voyager, his debut album, is soultronic at it’s finest. The nine track LP beautifully showcases Ark Patrol’s variety, with soundscapes, interludes and outro’s galore. The leading single Never struck a leading position in the iTunes USA charts, with Hype Machine bloggers widely spreading the love. “Its not often an artist can take a genre and bring it back to its roots whilst still enabling room for experimentation and layering. Ark Patrol has definitely hit the nail on the head with his new debut album, Voyager.” Happy Blog - http://hhhhappy.com/2015/01/12/ark-patrol-voyager/ “Hailing from the the beautiful and serene islands of Hawaii, it's safe to say that Ark Patrol is not your average producer. His dream-meets-arcade style showcases a nostalgic theme to each of his releases, and he exercises a profound command of tension, release, and sound processing that rivals most.” EDM.com - http://edm.com/blog/ark-patrol-debut-album-voyager Having studied at Berklee College of Music and now moving out to Los Angeles to pursue a Movie Scoring degree at UCLA, Ark Patrol has only just started making waves. To infinity… and beyond!