- Andres Alias


Andrés Alías began his musical career as a dj in 2004. He improved all these years learning and experimenting with the hardest trance.After this period he thought it was time to change and prove something different, and he chose german techno as his new referent. He performed as resident in some of the most important sessions of Madrid, like Reverse Festival and DAY ONE, counting both of them with International and important professional.After that he dedicated his time learning more about the musical production and perfecting his technique. In 2010 his first creations were showing in Squisitecth Recordings. His musical taste has been influenced by different styles like minimal, techno and Electronic. Some of the artista most important for him are Carlo Lio, Alberto Pascual, Alan Fitzpatrick or Gary Beck, all of them have entered something in Andrés Alías, creating his sophisticated style.