- Andi De Luxe


The Berlin Years...After deejaying for almost 20 years in Hannover and working in a record shop for almost 15 years, Andi decided to restart his musical career in 2009. He closed his record store, moved to Berlin and engaged in serious soul-searching for a while.When unpacking the moving boxes he rediscovered his collection of funk and disco records, music that has taken a back seat in the last years playing all that uptempo stuff in the clubs of his hometown. Sometimes it is very helpful to remember your musical roots, especially when you try to reset your whole musical life.His first life-sign from Berlin was a blog for disco-edits and podcasts called Dikso which he started together wit h Marc Poppcke. Lat er on he t eamed up wit h Daniel Solar to add a record label to his Dikso platform.In 2011 he presented his first contribution for his own label, a track called "Boobsie Collins". Watch out for new tracks on Dikso and their brand new digital platform: Dikso Files.