- Riccardo Rizza


Falling in love with music is a funny thing. it happens to many,but only a handful of us actually pursue the dream of making music for a living.Riccardo Rizza is a young guy from Sicily who fell in love for good.After playing guitar for three years he decided to delve into the realm of house music.Drawing on inspiration from club life,Riccardo began his relationship with the techy side of house music.As often the case with love,this was not enough and he wanted more. Riccardo had a burning desire to learn production skills and to write his own music.With his music he received great feedbacks and support from key players in Berlin,UK,and France.This truly inspired him to keep on producing and working hard in the studio. Now Riccardo is taking the next step.Sporting a distinct personal sound and a mature sense of arrangement and room,we all know this is just the beginning of great music for many to enjoy!