- Tyler Stone


Tyler Stone is a vocalist, musician, producer/remixer, and DJ, who has built her career as one of the first female house music producers and has achieved several top ten Billboard Dance hits. After receiving a degree in Jazz from Cornish College of the Arts, she moved to San Francisco and embarked on an electronic production career showcasing her talents with some of Dance and Pop music’s finest artists such as Sting, Phoenix, Zero 7, Everything But the Girl, Armand Van Helden, Crystal Waters and N’SYNC. As an integral part of the San Francisco house music scene, Tyler helped create the legendary 3rd Floor Productions, co-founded Test Press (a quarterly electronic music showcase), and became the “go to” engineer within the house music community, working along side such producers as Miguel Migs and Grammy nominated Jay-J and Chris Lum. As a DJ, Tyler co-founded Wanderlust, one of the first downtempo residencies in the North America. Tyler continues to push the envelope of electronic production with her band Sutro, where she lends her sophisticated programming and distinctively sultry vocals to their fresh combination of live musicianship and DJ sensibility. "It’s the perfect balance of beats, atmospheric electronic elements and accessible pop song writing.”, says Grammy Award winning producer Joe Chiccarelli, who helped shape the sound of their current album, Broken Distance. Tyler has been an active voting member of the Recording Academy since 1997 and has been a Governor with both the Pacific NW and San Francisco Chapters. During this time, she has participated on many committees involving the awards process, membership, and community outreach and has contributed her remix skills to the MusicCares Online Auction. Tyler currently lives in Portland, Oregon where she continues to keep her ear to the ground DJing, working with her band Sutro, as well as remixing and collaborating with other artists.