- Tuca Flash


Wit h an experience of more t han t wo decades in decks, Tuca Flash a.k.a Br Groove is embodying the most current trends, howeverstill giving importance to classics of 70’s and 80’s. The result is an own style from house music, with special details of tech and funk,providing a mature and modern sound, with strong personality.He has already worked with Dave The Drummer, Chris Liberat or, Mahatma, Holgi Star, Wj Henzi, Flash Brothers, Afrika Bambaat aa,Marky, Mau Mau, Renato Cohen, Camilo Rocha, Alex S., Renato Lopez, Renato Ratier, Anderson Soares, Gui Boratto, among othersand worked with relevant projects as TRIBAL FUSION, mixing electronic music with live percussion.Tuca is one of the creators of ROTA 91, a Radio Show, whichputs the underground electronic music into the spotlights in Brazil.Music producer since 1995, has songs and remixes released in many Brazilian compilation.In 2007 became manager of AIMEC – Int ernat ional academy of electronic music from Curitiba, unity Campinas.In January of 2008 began a parallel project of break beat, fact that is an evidence of t he creat ion of your own Label: “Anarchy in the Funk”,together with the DJs: Punkyhead and Marcelo K2.Nowadays works as commercial and artistic producer onBand Campinas (Bandeirantes, Rádio and Television Group).