- Tru Roots Project


From East London to Rio, Havana, Soweto and beyond. Domineeky’s love affair with international beats continues with his group, The Tru Roots Project.Their sound is drawn from a diverse range of influences across the globe that stretches beyond house music and frequently brings in African, Latin jazz, Electro, Dub and Middle-Eastern music.The unique sound is built around energetic sax, koras, afro guitars, old skool synths, vocoders and heavy subsonic cone-rattling basslines. All sending positive feel good vibes for the dance floor.Tru Roots Project have received praise from an illustrious group of DJs including Vinny Da Vinci, Brazilian Soul Crew, Nick Holder, Al Bradley, Alex P, Jon Delerious, Hippie Torales, DJ Pope, Ian Carey, Denny (Hot Creations) Lost My Dog Records as well as strong radio support from MyHouse-YourHouse, Vibesradio, Chicago House FM and many more.