- The Renegades


Matt Davis, aka The Renegades, is a Floridian Producer/DJ with 15 years of experience across multiple facets of audio and panstylistic DJ selections. He holds two degrees from prestigious music conservatories and has formerly taught audio courses as a university professor. His production is equally diverse covering nearly the entire range of electronic music in addition to acoustic genres and filmscore. No musical boundaries exist within his work.The Renegades has opened for acts including Borgore, Otto Von Schirach, and Super Geniu$ at many venues including Eve in Miami and the legendary Revolution Live of Fort Lauderdale. He reached local ears in Miami through his weekly bass event, Legion. The Renegades owns and engineers The Hacienda Mixdown/Mastering Studio and is a diehard advocate of studio hardware use and dynamic range preservation.As a DJ, Matt is also purist in his beliefs, fighting for the dying breed of beatmatching DJs and turntablists. He is a member of the illustrious Dynamix Crew with vinyl releases back to 2005 and digital releases out now on all retailers.