- Stefano Valli Project


Start in 1984, working in radio & disco. The first disc is the 1989, Afrikan Style - Afrikan Rhythm of the PLM Record. He Worked in the biggest club in Switzerland, Titanic Lugano, 1994/1997, produces Message One and Space Guitar, with Desastre Records and La Rouge, Makin'n Love with Maurizio D'Ambrosio. In 2000 he became, ALPHA DJ (Aka Stefano Valli), produced by Maurizio D’Ambrosio, Urlando Contro il Cielo Remix, (Top Ten Italy Dance Hits). For Moda Music Fashion, produced a remix of Chariots of Fire. He founded the Alpha Music Production with Sandro Alario of SA Project Edizioni Musicali. In 2014, he is working with the, FMC Phonograph Records and Ultrasonik, and publishes Ultra Flava by Stefano Valli and SVEE (Aka Stefano Valli), Wrecking Ball remix of Miley Cyrus.In 2016 produced the remix of, De Martijn - Through the Waves (Gold Status 2016 Italy & France).In January 2017 releases new single Svee (Aka Stefano Valli) Feat. Robin White, Your Loving Arms.