- Soul Sista Shakti


“Every song is a new adventure”Soul Sista Shakti – always exploring, always reaching – and now, taking her rightful place as a premier vocalist working alongside today’s best-known electronic artists.The daughter of a Baptist minister father and Dominican immigrant mother, Brenda Brewer was born and raised in New York City, where she immersed herself in the music of Brooklyn Gospel Tabernacle Choir. It was also in the New York City of the ‘70s where Brenda watched, listened to – and learned from – the most influential soul and funk musicians of our time.After pursuing a degree in Music Technology, Brenda chose to further her education, landing a Music Business internship at Om Records in San Francisco. Brenda’s formal training combined with the early influences of her gospel and soul roots would set her en route to become an accomplished lyricist, gaining worldwide attention for her smooth and insightful craft.Soul Sista Shakti spends her time in New York City and San Francisco writing, recording and performing for record labels specializing in electronic dance, house, soul, down-tempo and nu-jazz.Derrick McKenzie of Jamiroquai says of “You Are the Gold” “ ...Loving the You Are Gold track, i hope you don’t mind me sharing it on my page!!”What people are saying about Soul Sista Shakti: “Provacante” Acid Jazz Magazine“So right . . . upbeat . . . airy” Evolution of Media


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