- Slytrance


intention: slytrance is a live digital electronica act. the style is organic, progressive, psychedelic trance; focussed on a smooth, intentional journey, not just "dropping dancefloor bombs!". this music explores deep spiritual, psychological and philosophical concepts through the use of musicality and specifically chosen and intelligently manipulated vocal samples. it's music with a soul, written for the spirit. it is my intention to take the listeners and dancers on a mystic inward journey. i aim to create a space for people to explore ideas and parts of themselves that they had not previously considered. the intent is to "wake people up". but not as with a cold bucket of water, rather with a compassionate whisper in the ear that guides and inspires dreams. bio: the intention is to create an inner-space within the listener, in order for them to explore their own minds and challenge their internal programing. sound design intelligently organised to induce an emotional response. it's thick, solid bass-lines; twisted, brain-bending synthwork; lush, dreamy melodies; then peppered with vocal samples hand-picked to inspire ideas and concepts which may not have been previously considered; all combining together to create a fresh new approach to a rapidly aging and sadly diluted genre. it's digital mysticism, each individual sound delicately and purposefully crafted to guide the listener's journey through both 'black' AND 'white', while still leaving enough 'grey' room for interpretation on a specific personal level. it can be challenging and confronting, but at the same time strangely comforting, and very human. it's music with a soul, written for the spirit... NETSPACES: ---------- facebook: www.facebook.com/slytrance.arkhivemusic (fan page) www.facebook.com/arkhivemusic (label page) soundcloud: www.soundcloud/slytrance