- Sirk


Christian Robles, born and raised in the Metro Area in Puerto Rico, has been a sensation in the last very few months in the EDM industry inside the island. Producing since he was 17, SirK has developed piano playing and drum set skills to the level that has been making his tracks the perfect combination of anthemic an rhythmic progressive sounds, with hard-pounding percussion that make his repertoire one of a kind. Original Mixes like "The Descendant" and "The Extra Mile" have been played not all over Puerto Rico, but in other countries around the globe, like Spain, Australia, Italy, Turkey and many more. Now at his 21 years of age, Christian is planning to study further and go deep into the EDM business, and also has been performing over the radio, and over the internet. SirK not only intends to make a name for himself and his country, he intends to bring the joy and the beautiful sound of dance music to the rest of the world, and he's just getting started.