- schNee


schNee: „It’s just me..! Living my life. Full of music!“ melody, bass & emotions - typical words to describe her s tyleborn in the 80's near berlin, it all started as young girl going to a lot of concerts of all different kinds of musical styles. getting older, clubbing through berlin started, dancing whole nights, feeling the music, listening to „oslo late night radio show“ with a lot of minimal tunes. open minded to all kind of music lead her to electronic sounds – mainly influenced by james holden & nathan fake.some years later it all becomes a bit more deep but still you can notice the influence by producers like extrawelt, max cooper, nicolas jaar, stimming...and it all „really“ started with a mix tape for her own car, having all the favorite tracks together in one set. the first mix got her and the goal was to learn the dj’ ing like it should be. She bought turntables, mixer and vinyls.Today it`s a big passion for her and she puts a lot of emotions in every mix – as schNee says: „I call it a musical experience“.