- Rilhos


Rui Rilho and João RIlho are twin brothers from a small town by the sea in Portugal called Ovar. Known in their town as the Rilhos twins they chose to use this name to find a place in the world of art... from everything inbetween writing of poetry, painting pictures, design to music production.Falling in Love with Minimal Techno, in 2008 after seeing artists like Sven Vath, Minilogue, Paul Kalkbrenner, Freshkitos and Alex Under the Brothers joined their ideias in one solid concept and started to produce their own Music.In their songs the junction of concrete sounds with electronic music, coupled with sound technical rigor and creativity, can create beautiful environments that convey joy and will to live.Their ideas come from images, colors and environments in which they face in their day-to-day and are converted to feelings.Having both participated in making short films, and projects sound Spaces. Rui Rilho, is part of a draft Electronic Music Ensemble, where she played the Casa da Música in Porto (Variations Pierre Henry) and Serralves (Serralves Party in 2012).With ambition and will to win, they're searching for their place. is to say that fresh air is coming from Portugal