- RezQ Sound


RezQ Sound is a Ukrainian electronic musician writing delicate dynamic music in Melodic Deep Techno style with a slight admixture of Minimal Techno. The project is based October 27, 2010. For the whole time of its musical career, the style varied from the fast Techno, to the rhythmical Tech House. Beginning from the end of 2017, the abrupt transition to 116 bpm took its toll, in simple words, the unique style was formed, which it is suitable for dancing, and it's nice to just listen to it. The tracks are very detailed due to a rich sounds and an abundance of effects. It has a good balance between melodiousness and rigidity, as well as a sense of style and originality. Each track always has some interesting idea that grabs you and cuts into the memory. For many, this project is a great musical discovery lately. I think you might like it too!