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 - Resonance


///BIOA soundscapes explorer. A creator of textures starting from the silence.His sound could be work like an anagesic while you ́re lying in the sofa...but sometimes like a rabble-rouser on stage or wherever you can ́t stop dancing.Resonance is he stage name for Javier Pérez Rodríguez, a spanish electronic Producer and Dj who started his musical activity at the beginning of the 2000 ́s. Influenced by bands and artists such as Orbital, Autechre, Apparat, James Holden, Paul Kalkbrenner, among others, explored the most experimental side of electronic music sharing his own vision of dance sounds to develope Techno, Progressive house, Minimal tech, Idm, and Ambient Electronica.///Discography- “Cutting Lips” Ep, Vinyl & Digital (Uvdog records 2007) - “Pouring Rain” Ep, Digital (Humano records 2009)- “Skygaze” Lp, Viny & Digital (EHBR 2013)- “Light Continuum” Lp, Vinyl & Digital (EHBR 2106)- “Light Anthems” Cassette & Digital (UVR050 2017)