- Promenade


Promenade journey into drum’n’bass has been started in 2002 and for almost the next 5 years his activites was focused on djing. During 2007, alongside dj DP, Promenade has started a new project: G Recordings. Besides headlining alongside some of the best djs in the world, Dp&Promenade’s releases on G Recordings and Chronic have been repeatedly played by artists such as Roni Size, Aphrodite, Dillinja and Brian G, whilst also making frequent appearances on radio shows such as BBC 1 Xtra and Kiss Fm.On 2011 comes the creation of a new project, BNCexpress, a label with which Promenade aims to bring together upcoming producers to create a new, smoother, more funk orientated sound. The participation of so many people from so many different musical backgrounds gives the project a fresh sound and a diverse outlook towards making music.Since establishing his BNCexpress label in 2011, Promenade’s sound has taken on a unique character: helped along the way by the stimulus and collaborations of many producers he has created a stylish and defined sound, drawing on other genres such as Funk, Hip- Hop and Soul to create his own refined style of Drum & Bass, full of references to these genres but always attentive of the public on the dancefloor.From 2014 he has launched a side project together with dj Trupak: Control Change