- Project 37


As a driven, highly skilled and rising DJ duo, Birmingham UK based Project 37 are making their stomp on the music scene performing showcases to never be forgotten. Project 37's passion for music over the years has prepared them for the industry when they both embarked on this duo project in 2015. Project 37's iconic and explosive sound can be described as a vibrant collection of sounds and synths partnered with the deep tech rolling drum patterns, creating an army of stomping feet on any dance floor they grace. Over the years, Project 37 has had many musical influences, from legends such as Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Sarah G and Chris Lorenzo to name just a few. You can certainly hear the resonating energy that Project 37's foundations are laid upon. With every moment not performing being invested in the studio, perfecting their skill set and sound, many releases are on the horizon for Project 37, aiming high at a handful of titan labels. Focusing hard and working harder through the industry with the concept of 'hard work pays off' success has already led Project 37 to perform at many impressive venues, brands and locations, such as Michael Bibis UK tour, Portal events, Spring Break Amsterdam and the midlands titan brand 02:31. With Project 37's sound, network and try broad musical knowledge, Project 37 is leading the stomp with explosive and memorable performances. From Ibiza to all around Europe, festivals to clubs, rolling tech house to timeless melodies - the near future is set to be life changing for this duo. Project 37, watch this story.