- Poeni


Hedi Massaoudi AKA Poeni (or English “Punic”) stems from the Latin word Punicus. This describes the Phonecian city-state of Carthage. Like the great leader Hannibal Barca, “Poeni” was also a Punic.Born and raised in Tunisia, Poeni moved to Switzerland in 2006. His musical journey began in 1999 producing Hiphop and R'n'B for 13 consecutive years. In 2012 began his love affair with electronic music which lead to his first open releases in 2015. That year also marked a rich period for Dj sets and new mixes. Towards the end of the year his personal newly founded label “ElectroChamber” was launched.Poeni searched long and hard to find his characteristic and original style. Influences from his cultural passed and experience shine through in his productions. His music sounds like no other and brings together the world of Deep and Tech House. Melodic, melancholic and rhythmic bliss blend together with a hypnotic groove that make your feet shake and pull you on to the dance floor.