- Piyasiri


Piyasiri is a Swedish DJ/Music Producer in the Dance (EDM) genre. His main focus in the last years has been Electro House Music. So far his songs has been downloaded over 500.000 times. Intensity and massive bass are present in all of his songs and therefor very popular with people who likes it loud!He started out as a DJ on local clubs in Sweden and in 2006 he began writing and producing his own music. The first song he released was”Dance with you” in the Dance/Techno genre. The song was played on several radio stations in Europe and spread widely on the Internet. He continued to write his own songs while doing remixes for other Swedish artists and Labels.Piyasiri is currently unsigned and releases his songs through Record Union. In the year 2013 he released his first Electro House EP “House In Tha House” worldwide. The most popular tracks on this EP are “Angel Child”, “Move Your Body” and “Jump”. Later the same year he released yet another EP “Time To Dance” with tracks like “Blow Your Mind”, “Not for me (Remix)” and Adrenaline.Keep an eye out for more of his songs cause they will keep on coming!