- Noisecreeper


B I O G R A P H Y:Started somewhere in 2012 as a DJ on a radio station, in the program: Weekend radio. Every Friday and Saturday I was live on air with my weekly new djset! For 2 years I have put together the best dance tracks in a live performance with other DJs (Laurent Wery, John Dahlback and others). Then started to make new music and this was the beginning of my turnout as a DJ & producer. After spending my songs 'The Drop' & 'Shake It, Rave It!' I have appeared in various news media - including. in the newspapers as; 'Desselse dj scores dance hits in England & Germany! From then on it was only on the rise! Meanwhile, today I am already with 7 own songs in different music lists, music stores, music streaming platforms, etc ... Also on the official ultratop of belgium I stand back with my songs find. I am also more and more, here and there, sometimes a DJ booth to turn my set! so I have several references to my name (tent party, festival, event, radio show, ... - Sunny Side Up 2017, Festival Mundial, RNK - Weekend radio.Since 2018 Noisecreeper does release new music under his new artist name: 'Mike Kavelli'.D I S C O G R A P H Y:2017 - Sunlight Love [Noisecreeper]2017 - Break It [Noisecreeper]2017 - I Can Be Your Hero [Noisecreeper] 2017 - Jump Motherfxckers [Noisecreeper] 2016 - Shake It, Rave It! [Noisecreeper] 2016 - How Low [Noisecreeper]2016 - The Drop [Noisecreeper]


Full EDM Experience
DJ Roncio, Emiel Roche, Ruli, Hiloyuki Kubota, Laera, Father & Son, Otto, RayCoone, TMO, Melezz, Laura Brizuela, Samuel La Manna, Vieko, Avorra, Oscar Bardelli, Krizoo, Laura Auer, Arminator, Berühmt-Berüchtigt, Tosch, D-JaR, Tommy Pulse, GAS!, DJ Prodigio, Deen West, L-Dis, DJ JoeMen, Kastaro, Asya, Sys, Martell, House Voltage, DJ M-Leem, Pan BeatZ, Cytexx, Mydca, Noma$, Marky V-lectro, DJ Sash K, Liba, André Schlüter, Manuel Baccano, Sandrine, Dario Synth, Simon Dekkers, Christian Tamberger, Death by Synth, Klein, Maxim Novitskiy, Hatepens, Benscho, Max Zierke, Della, Krant, Theo Beck, James Illusion, Greyhawk, Kevin Kwen, Matthew Roweld, Da Brook Project, Noisecreeper, Govind Vagale, Artware Allstars, Eileen Jaime, Don Veccy, Roberto Conforto, DJ Ricky V, Gabriel Velasquez, Ralf Velasquez, Highlander DJ-Ita, Johnny Massacre, Savlonic, Ashkan, Baby Brown, Orange Beat, Rontronik Red, DJ Ow-T, Imi Rtist, Vyto, Armin Schweizer, Brain Foo Long, Frenckel, Q.P.A, Darius & Finlay, Djmlbeatz, Tom Sawer, Sync Diversity, Adam Rise, Alex Nöthlich, Kyla, The Duchess, Martin Meister, Aldimar, Dave Shubert, Nathan Brumley, NOV3MB3R, StayZee, Tanya G, Nick Milardi, Stereo Identity, Lyonbrotherz, Kenny Laakkinen, Yesterdays Fate, Anexo, DjSchluetex, Harddriver Project, Gnidj, Albon, Ranieri, Brothers, Naze, Milord, Lone Offender, Morris Jones, Vindicci, TWO KINX, Ethan Chandler, Sunyo, Million Faces, Chris Galmon, The Glitterboys, Ibizamotion, Jane Doe, Sir Posh, Tyrioon, Yellow, Danny Noise, Genial, John Waldorff, Harem Power DJ, Dirty Bros, Anima, Thomas Deil, Ragerz, Nesia, Tildbros, Robert Sutherland, Federico Romanzi, Little-H, Elastique V., Chika, Gizzmoe, Phil Fool, Ray Burnz, Aleksandra Radosavljevic, Project Mess, FirstLast, Den Shender, Adjan, Chemical Beats, Emiel Roche, Soroush Yarahmady, DJ Pitcher, Devastate, Urban Soul, DJ Kule, Chris Gold, Andy Ztoned, Rekoilz, Gianni Canale
Feiyr Compilation | 2018-04-07