- N33dles


N33dles is a creative and versatile man who has been in music and has making songs in different genres and ways since some time ago and who reached dubstep producing in 2010. In his music he combines filth step and fractured rhythm of post-hardcore, he always experimenting trying not to make the same twice. With every new stuff I want to amaze listener and make him puzzled... Is it N33dles or someone else? It is something not like his... Giving his ideas into dubstep he makes it attractive for many genres fanes, as exemple listeners of hardcore and metal music..It is real mutation of sounds , which is really hard to border in certain music genres... Songs length doesn’t matter because all borders are eliminated.. tracks could be one minute, three os six minutes in length. Despite small success, n33dles is ready to visit any town of any country and glad people with his fresh stuff full with drive and dynamics.