- Mike Parker


Over the years, his education in the visual arts has had a profound impact on the music he produces. His production style is as uncompromising as his dj sets are powerful: a track is rehearsed many times, then recorded live on mostly analogue gear with no edits or overdubbing later. His dj sets have the same spontaneous bite. His main output has been on his own GEOPHONE label, on which he has released to date fourteen unrelenting, throbbing techno cuts, remixed (very rarely) by the likes of Donato Dozzy & Woody McBride. Mike's other releases include recordings for Orange Groove, Labrynth & Dozzy records. Recent releases include a remix of classic Aubrey for MOWAR and a track on SPECTRALSOUND,also included on Ryan Elliot's recent "Document' compilation. Strong mixes for mnml ssg have further increased the devoted following to his tight & powerful DJ sets. Mike has previously toured Europe & Japan including the Labyrinth festival ...