- M.Bulwa


Roman Kovac aka M.Bulwa, is a dj/producer from Slovakia. Born in 1986, he started Djing in 2004.In the year of 2008 he start produced his own music and in 2011 released his first EP: 'Interview on The Block' on sologroove.com.In 2013 he released his 2nd EP: 'Mia', also on sologroove.com.He likes to listen Deep House, TechHouse, Funky, New Jazz and Old Skool Hip-Hop.Has played with some famous Dj's like: Ray Okpara, JP Chronic, DJ Nimrod, Mobius Strum,Evan Baggs, Dsan Powell, Wez Clarke, Chris Sadler and others in Czechs Clubs like: Roxy, Le Mirage, Chapeau Rouge, Budha Bar.