- Lazzar


Drawing inspiration from the underground scene in his home town Galati (Romania), Lazzar started his career as a DJ in 2007. His love for electronic music led him immediately to play in several clubs, his home town debut years being marked by a series of fruitful collaborations with various artists and gigs followed by a very positive reaction. The hype continued and Lazzar displayed his amazing dj skills in clubs from Bucharest and abroad.We can say that in childhood he had a special sensibility to music, a chemistry that later led to his affinity for techno and minimal sounds. Totally immersed in this area, around 2015 he decided to devote his time to the more technical side of music, his own productions, and hasn’t stop learning ever since. His passion for underground minimal sounds led him to several trips abroad in search for inspiration, polishing his hypnotic micro-melodious grooves. Lazzar made his place in the Romanian musical landscape when he released his first solo EP on Moon Lake Records and continued with releases on Quanticman Records and DataTech Records. Attentive to detail, his minutiae and precision turn his sound in a three-dimensional trip that would wrap any fine ear under his spell.