- Knight Riderz


Canadian-based producer Nick Samalack, performing as Knight Riderz which was originally formed as a duo, hails from Edmonton, AB but spends most of his time traveling the United States, rocking crowds. Once a mainstay as a Drum n’ Bass MC in the early 2000s, Samalack continued to expand his interest in bass music and found Knight Riderz. Strongly influenced by jungle and hip-hop, Samalack dove head first into the art of product ion wit h no limit at ion on genre or style....and Knight Riderz was born.With the musical creation of Knight Riderz, Samalack, began pushing boundaries with techniques, which is what distinguishes this project and his unique live performances from others. As Knight Riderz, Samalack delivers high energy sets composed of entirely original compositions that are accompanied by cutting edge dance rhythms and dance floor-targeted bass lines.