- King Peanuts


Hugo Silva is a natural born artist from Caldas da Rainha (Portugal) and gives life to King Peanuts. In 2004, began his first productions which passed through various stlyes – Hip-hop, house, techno, electro, glitch, among others. Always with great influence by recognized artists in electronic music and beyond, King Peanuts aims to discovers new music land where he can explore his creativity. All over the years, he increased his network of friends and knowed more people within the same movement and began to devote himself more to bass music productions (electro-house/drum’n’bass/trap) and live acts performances. At this time King Peanuts is one of the emerging scientists artists from Razat Laboratory and his debut ep “Peanut Butter” shows that he is a young promise in the national scene. Besides being a versatile producer, King Peanuts carries with him a great energy in his performances surprising the audience. But these are only some peanuts.