- Kamo DJ


Camilo Luongo Castellanos aka KAMO was born in Melfi (Italy), a small town in the Basilicata region, on 2nd July 1990 to Uruguayan parents who immigrated to Italy in the ‘80s. He moved to Milan in the late ‘90s and decided to carry on his passion for music, which has been cultivated since childhood thanks to his parents, who were lovers of Latin music. Fascinated by vinyl records, in 2006 he decided to enrol at the NAM music school in Milan to complete a DJ course. His sound varies from house to hip-hop, passing through techno and tech-house, with strong Latin influences, which made his trademark. Since 2007, thanks to his unique musical style, he had the opportunity to play his music in the best clubs of Northern Italy, as well as Switzerland and Uruguay. From 2012 until today, among his best works are EPs such as "El Tàta", "En Mi Casa", "Oriundo", "El Gaucho", "Ram Muay" and "First Time", as well as various remixes. To date, his music has been chosen and released by various labels, together with other artists from all over the world. Since 2016 he has lived in Cardiff (UK) with his family. He is currently concentrating on upcoming performances and record engagements and above all, in the professional training of his career as a "sound engineer" at the SAE Institute of Oxford in the United Kingdom. To this day his music continues to be appreciated and played on radios and clubs all over the world.