- Jaison Burn


The russian-born german artist Jaison Burn came 2003 first time in touch with rap music. Coming from a musical family, he could always feel the beat inside himself. And so he finaly found his way to rap music after a concert of „Afrob & Samy Delux“. His first access he achived in 2006. With his former crew „B.M.B. Collabo“ he signed his first contract with the HipHop Label „Reportaz-Recordingz“. The EP „Morphological“ was released short after that and has brought a small popularity to the band. But because of disagreements the band seperated from the label RZ already after one year. This was also the beginning of the end of „B.M.B. Collabo“. But not to the detriment of Jaison Burn! He started working at his own songs and began to build his own empire that he wanted to present the world. At the beginning of 2010 the first hype about Jaison Burn. As the first solo rap artist from Kassel he took part at the “SAE Jam Session” an made his way to the finals because of his talent. The media interest was intense. Local newspapers, well-known rap magazines like Backspin and radio stations have reported about Jaison Burn. In 2011 he was signed by the label “187 Records” from Kassel. His mixtape “Lückenfüller” was released and surpassed already after three weeks with over 1000 downloads all his expectations. Numerous videoclips and performances have followed. After several discussions “187 Records” is already past. Jaison has now found his new home at the label “Fachwerk Studios” from Rotenburg, wich released the long-awaited solo album of Jaison Burn by the end of 2011.