- Intent To Sell


Sean Pannier (Bo Biz) and Dean Frame joined forces to become the west coast dubstep/bass music phenomenon now known as Intent To Sell.Their live sets are becoming the talk of the dancefloor from deep southern Cali all the way to the northern edges of the emerald triangle.Hippies, Hoppers, Steppers and Grime lovers all agree that life will never be the same since the arrival of the dynamic duo. Experience dance floor devastation and joyful writhing from pleasure too good for your skin to handle. Freaks frolic and bass heads tremble when Intent To Sell and Bo biz take the decks. The alarm is sounded and all the dancers come to the ragin' mosh pit that inevitably forms in front of these guys layin' down the phatties. Prepare yourself for a never ending railroad of rhythms and a sound scape of blissful sensations.