- Ian Stewart


an Stewart is a Massachusetts born producer and performer of alternative electronic dance music. Although having a background in traditional house DJing, Ian has been performing a live PA style set as well, allowing him to mix and manipulate his all-original music with much greater flexibility than a two-turntable setup would allow.The catalyst for this transformation was Ian’s debut full- length album, Dubonomics, released independently on August 5th, 2011. The music comprising the album was first performed at The Big Up music festival to a wildly enthusiastic reception. Fans lauded the set as “awesome... one of my favorite acts”, “stellar”, and “absolutely perfect”. With momentum for Dubonomics still building, Ian has already begun work on his next full-length project. While the future-dub sounds of Dubonomics are perfectly suited to warm up party-goers for a night of full-on electronic bliss, exclusive live performances of the new material already have fans clamoring over the energetic new sound Ian is pursuing and had Tipper saying, “Wicked music, it’s brilliant... I love this track!”. Stay tuned!