- House Monkeyz


Steven Rhodes and David king are the two behind this new and fresh creation called “House Monkeyz”. House Monkeyz is made up of DJs and producers who are both originally from Birmingham (UK) some would say the heart of “BASS” music. (Birmingham is located in the middle of the U.K towards the west) House Monkeyz have been producing for only 3 years and DJing out on the scene for just two. In such a short period of time the music industry recognizes thisdue as upcoming stars with a ever growing following. House Monkeyz quickly got snatched up on some of the biggest nightclubs and events around the world like legendary Super Club BCM Planet Dance to name a few. House Monkeyz sound covers a wide range of sounds from a heavy sub driven bass to a powerful vocal or a big build up on breakdown. Their style really is like no other. You can always hear its them when listening to their sets as there style could not be more fresh and out of the box. We now see House Monkeyz recently signed tracks such as ‘’Talladega Nights’’ to Immoral Music (South African Label) ‘’Space Cowboy’’ to Immoral Music and “Coke Whore” to STEREOLOVERS Swedish label. Release date T.B.C. House Monkeyz would like someday to have their own monthly resident DJ slots across the world with their own productions at the for front. For Bookings please contact 07795 904 598 or 0034 671 028 305 Email: housemonkeyz@icloud.com Email:hous e_monkeyz @live.co.uk