- Havelock


Born and bred in London, Havelock has been quietly honing his production for almost a decade, branching out from his initial explorations in minimal drum and bass into territory closer in complexion to noise-scene abstractions and alt-hip hop.Having cut his teeth DJing in clubs and bars during his stints in Amsterdam and Leeds, he went on to found the Buried Audio record label, responsible for releasing music from acts who would go on to become celebrated actors in the bass music landscape. Sitting in the same lane as a small cohort of pioneering outfits such as Darkestral & Exit Records, Buried audio went onto release some of the earliest works from artists such as June Miller (Ram Records) & Nick Modern (Metalheadz/Tempa)It was only after wrapping up Buried Audio and returning to London that the Havelock alias was born; his focus turned to producing music that encapsulated an increasingly far-reaching taste in obscure underground electronica. Drawing on influences from ambient, metal and abstract hip hop, his sound is loosely engineered by design and paints bleak landscapes with a tangible rawness and innocence.