- GuessWhat


GuessWhat are an electronic music production Trio composed by three DJ/producers ,Diogo Guerra, Goncalo Bello, and Tiago Goncalves.Guesswhat started their productions in April of 2012 and from there they tried to find their unique sound producing a little bit of every gender.Once they found their own sound, they started to share the best productions on soundcloud and Spinning Records Pool which called the attention of some labels.In October of 2012 they signed a contract with an American label called Audiophile Live (https://www.facebook.com/AudiophileLive?fref=ts) for the release of the first GuessWhat EP called "3rd Level" (released - 1st of January 2013).2013 is the next step, now with these two tracks published by an American Label they are going to start to spread their music with the world and start to build a solid name!