- George Martinos


George Martinos, is a Greek Lebanese counter tenor singer born in Beirut in April 5th1986 to a greek father and Lebanese mother, entitle of a bachelor degree in civil law and musicology,started to sing at the age of 4, with his twin brother Alain they formed a group «T WINS AG» T he debut album released in 2005 Habibi Rouhi composed by George Mardirosian was embraced warmly by the public.in 2007 moved to Switzerland and started composing music and writing songs in english and arabic, plus he worked as a vocal coach in geneva, until NFM Records, a famous label records from Neufchâtel Switzerland released his singles in english with jay-c Richards and Cedric Llense as producers and composers, he moved back to lebanon in 2013 released with his twin and Maya yazbek ''boukra rah betsafer'',and ''lashou el haki''.In 2014 he opened his own Recording studio In ‘Alley’ lebanon,released with his Twin and Bassima‘’Raja3telli el Amal’’In 2015 produced for Pascale Sakr, Nicolas al Osta, so so many other famous artists and represented Lebanon in the Francophone festival in Doha,2016 joined the committee of Lebanese artists produced a song for the United Nations.signed a contract with label ‘Watary’,released ‘’ya 3adra ya immi’’,In 2017 released:‘rja3i iyam’ streamed on MTV lebanon and radios and billboards, released too bekhtisar,t3araft 3leik, Habib rouhi remix by Jay c Richards,elli habbayt,‘here comes Christmas’ arranged by Mattias holmgren and lyrics by GM,Producing Miss lebanon 2001 Christina Sawaya in ‘Loca Beach’ released songs ‘sa3bi ktir’in 2017 and ‘fill’.In 2018 Produced for the famous Artist ‘Shiraz’ the song ‘Ba3d lyawm’ that he wrote composed and arranged, for her famous series ‘Mout Amira’ in ramadan 2018 produced by ‘Marwa Group’streamed at ‘aljadeed TV, released the song ‘betzakar’ and ‘Hobbi el gharib’ and song for his twin Brother Alain Martinos ‘chta2tellak hayaty’George is preparing to release ‘hobbi el gharib, Fog el nakhal’ remix by Jay C Richards.