- Geo Raphael


Geo Raphael is a Romanian music producer and DJ born in Cerna, province of Tulcea city. At a young age, he decided to leave the country. After a few years, his passion for music made him become a resident DJ in a famous club, when he was only 19 years old, in Verona, a beautiful Italian city. After a while, he realized that he had many things to show in the music production world, so he started to produce his own songs. His first official single was “Tu mano” featuring Adena, which had a great success. In the same year, 2015, Geo Raphael and Adena decided to collaborate again for the single “Feel”, released by Sprint Music Label. 2016 came with other songs, like “Soulmates” and “Calentura”. In 2017, he composed with Adena, a new single, but this time in Romanian, “EA”, released by Red Clover Label. He also released many remixes for artists like Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga etc. Today he combines the his two passions, Dj-ing and music production.