- General Bounce


General Bounce is 31 year old Dave Gray, a DJ known across the UK for playing hard house, hard dance, bounce and house.Dave first began learning to DJ at the age of 14, at his local youth club back in 1998. He reached club level when he turned 18 in 2001, and came to the attention of the local hard dance scene when he became a resident for Shock, at the Kube in Wakefield. He quickly became known for his widely-influenced and versatile DJ sets, combining everything from happy uplifting scouse house and trance to pumping bouncy house and banging, hoovertastic hard hous e.When Shock came to an end in 2007 Dave became a resident for Nostalgia in Wakefield, as well as making regular appearances on the bounce scene in the Northwest, and as such his focus turned to the bounce and scouse house sound. Over the next 4 years Dave was privileged to play for some of the biggest clubs and brands in that scene, performing at Wigan Pier, Sanctuary vs Frequency, Cricketers, Doncaster Warehouse and many more. During this time, hard house remained a passion of his that he firmly kept with him, regularly programming tracks into his bounce sets and playing hard house sets whenever possible. He also came third in the 2007 Parlez Vous DJ Competition.Things all came to a head in 2010 when he was picked up by the Cheeky Boys as a DJ and producer for their Cheeky Tracks brand, which hosted a room at Rave On's events in Leeds . At almos t the s ame time, he gained a following on Manchester's gay scene. He quickly became a regular DJ in the UK hard house scene and has returned his focus to this, while retaining an interest in the Northwest bounce scene that helped put him on the map. Since his first appearance at Rave On, Dave has gone on to perform at some of the most prestigious events in hard house such as the Ideal Tidy Weekender, Xstatic Summer Festival, Hard House Heaven, the Toolbox Hard House Awards and many more. Not afraid to bring together influences from his backgrounds in hard house, scouse house and trance, he has developed a trademark sound of vocal-led, uplifting hard house that's as tough as it is fun, balancing uplifting melodies and vocals with driving beats and filthy riffs.Since 2006 Dave has gradually become more involved in producing, and the move from DJ to producer has seen him take this sound into the studio and apply it to various styles of hard dance and bounce, collaborating with some of the biggest producers in the scene. In 2012 Dave went from being a Cheeky Tracks artists to co-owner of the label, with much of its current output being signed and promoted by him.Along with the Cheeky Boys he has established Cheeky Tracks as one of the biggest selling labels in hard dance, with tracks regularly appearing in the Top 10 hard dance releases on most download stores.Dave has also produced under other names with Leigh Green as Bass Freqs, and James "Ruskul" Humes (one half of RJ & Ruskul) as Camp Collective.Whatever direction his career takes in the future, you can be sure Dave will continue to do what he has done since his first club set 11 years ago - play the music he believes it should be.... happy, uplifting and stomping!"Expect an educated selection of dancefloor smashers" - John Neal"General Bounce is awesome" - Sonik