- FrenzyDreamz


FrenzyDreamz are anything but. 2012 marks Agreement Ramagogodi, Vuyani Boyi and Obed Segaole together they"ve never been so in form or demand. Their cast iron reputation for quality soulful, funk lounge and deep house in house music forged with feeling and real purpose in continues, impressively, to grow.From South Africa the trio began their journey on 2012 during Obed and Agreement music graduation year, while Vuyani was under Logical Music as a music producer, together found FrenzyDreamz and produce song like SECRET WAYS, I'M USED T O LOVING YOU, LOVE AVENUE featuring WeAreSoul's members.As bosses of FrenzyDreamz Sounds they manage to sign much more talented artists and producers and worked with others like Dolls Combers, DUSK, Robert Rivera, Charles Cooper and many more...Fans and listeners will now expect more from them and appreciate the confidence on their forthcoming releases and remixes worldwide.