- FireWater


Earth Child & Warrior of Light. Keeping it primal, tribal, and from our roots.James Clark ( FireWater ), has a unique style that brings back the primal sounds and aboriginal grooves of our ancestral past. He has bridged the gap between today's modern EDM and Tribal World Music. Today he has tracks that travel around the world and music on record labels such as Merkaba Music, FireTribe and Swamp Music.Inspiration from:Merkaba MusicRainbow Family of Living Light FireTribe Family of Southern California Moontribe CollectiveSwamp MusicAll the tribal cultures around the world.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*ALBUMS*Tribal Eclipse - firewater-firetribe.bandcamp.com/album/tr...-eclipse Ancient Rhythms - firewater-firetribe.bandcamp.com/album/an...-rhythms Temple Grooves - firewater-firetribe.bandcamp.com/album/te...-groovesResonant Being - Merkaba Music - soundcloud.com/merkaba-music- 1/sets/resonant-being merkabamusic1.bandcamp.com/album/resonant-beingSpirit Quest EP - Swamp Music - soundcloud.com/swamp-music- 1/sets/firewater-spirit-quest-epRoots of Gaia EP - FireTribe - www.beatport.com/release/roots-of-gaia/2276703 Tales of the Spiritwalker - Coming Soon!!!*Past Events*FireTribe Resident for 7 yearsBeora Gathering - ElectriCocoonYellow Vortex - Stargate Events & ElectriCocoonBlue Vortex - ElectriCocoonElements of Life Gathering (Mojave, CA)Serenity Gathering (La Jolla Indian Reservation) Moontribe Anniversary (Northern, CA)Kava Lounge (San Diego, CA)Purple 33 (Los Angeles, CA)Harmony GatheringsJawas GatheringsRighteous Gathering (Mojave, CA)Universal Flow Gathering (Apple Valley, CA)Ignight Flow Festival (Joshua Tree, CA)Out Beyond Music and Art Festival (Apple Valley, CA)For booking, please contact jamestclark@yahoo.com